TuTu Helper Review 2017 : Safe App

Where Find My iPhone has gotten the place with this app on newer gen iPhones (3GS and 4), there is certainly still no acceptable alternative for this functionality around the older iPhones.Clay functions as essentially an all-in-one security app to ensure your phone remain safe and secure and in your possession always. Clay really doesn’t bring new features to the table, yet tutu helper free version is an incredible Cydia app that no-one should be walking around without.

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SBSettings is the central (and totally free) application. Right after you jailbreak, after OpenSSH, this should be the second app you download off Cydia. SBSettings overlays a menu which has the basic functions with the system options menus.

This overlay menu is easily accessed by swiping the bar at the top of the screen with the time and contains such things as Brightness, 3G, Wi-Fi, and other switches to make things on and off.
Bar none, this app is easily the most useful thing inside Cydia to your daily use in the phone. Especially having the ability to control brightness inside ANY application will show you that your jailbreak was not in vain.

MCleaner is simply the iBlacklist app for that iPhone, but somewhat more sophisticated. Unfortunately, unlike recently when a vast majority of the Cydia apps about the store were free, MCleaner too isn’t free. However, you ‘ll be able to give it a 15-day trial and determine if it is to suit your needs. What it basically does is MCleaner creates blacklists and whitelists of callers that you can decide upon. Then, you are able to even choose how a phone will ignore a blacklisted caller as an illustration.
Several other safety measures make this a terrific app as well, even though it is really a bit on the pricey side ($11.99).
Other paid Cydia apps are cool to get if you will need them, but 3G Unrestrictor is often a relatively cheap ($3) app that is certainly vital if you’re ever gonna take your iPhone into the Unlimited plan you truly purchased it for. In 2009, I advised one to get VOIPover3G, that app may be discontinued and has been replaced by way of a bevy of 3G restriction-lifting apps. 3G Unrestrictor remains the cheapest and best of the top.
What this app does is it enables you to definitely access the 3G network for things the iPhone would normally block by tricking it into believing that it is operating over Wi-Fi. This means that you’ll be able to make Skype calls out about the middle of the highway, or watch videos over Slingbox while waiting inside the doctors’ office that doesn’t have Wi-Fi. Personally, lifting the 10 Mb limits on the App Store and iTunes respectively is awesome because now larger podcast downloads are simply clicked away.
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